Khantara 2010

VIDEO ***La Pluma (The Feather) Traditional Song arranged by Anthar Kharana

Colombian Multi-instrumentalist and composer Anthar Kharana
brings the stunning richness and power of his Colombian Roots mixed with Arabic and Gypsy influences.

Anthar has mastered different vocal techniques developing a wide range of expression sounding sometimes as mellow as a female voice but also as deep as mongolian throat singing.

His new five piece band uses Traditional Colombian sounds of Gaitas and ‘Tambores’, or drums, with Bouzouki, cajon and Traverse flute.

Enjoy the rhythms and powerful soundscapes that will transport you to a land of joy and moves but keeping a sacred connection to the ancient Colombian wisdom.

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**Female and Male voice by Anthar Kharana, no editing have been used

Velo Que BonitoTraditional song from the Coast of Colombia, Arrangement by Anthar Kharana

Syria, Flor NocturnaLyric and Arrangement by Anthar Kharana

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Khantara’s new line up:

Anthar KharanaColombia: Vocals, Bouzouki, Tambor Alegre, Gaita Hembra, Bawu, Hulusi.
Andres RazziniBolivia: Bouzouki, Guitar, Back Vocals.
Fernando CorredorColombia: Tambora, minor Percussion.
Carlos SantamariaColombia: Bass Guitar, Gaita Macho, Back Vocals.
Jorge RodriguezAndalucia: Traverse Flute & Cajon.

*Guest Musicians:
Alex MichelsenColombia/England: Fiddle.


Mohana “Espiritu del Agua” – Live at Heartspace Fest. with special guest singer “Nalini”.

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